Tuesday, February 17, 2015

FREE Preschool Online: CHALK Preschool Review #freeschool #preschool #education

We have had so many snow days in the very short start of 2015 that these kids will never get used to a 5 day work week again. Averaging at 4 days or 3.5 days due to early starts and early dismissals the kids in my town as well as many across the East Coast have a need for home education programs that will keep their mind working and learning. 

Although we don't home school we are always looking for ways to keep the kids minds on education. If they are going to be plugged in we want to balance it with computer websites and games that they learn and love. Sometimes they don't even know that a particular website is educational. They simply think they are learning and Chalk Preschool is one of these sites.

Chalk Preschool is FREE to try. Not only this but it is full of really fun, educational, interesting information that will become your go to online source for activities, printables, lesson plans, and more. Using songs, colors to teach basic concepts about weather, shapes, numbers and reading. 

These days preschool needs to be supplemented. Education has taken such a turn and my kids would never have been ready based on today's school. This is a great way to add to what you are doing at home and what they are getting in structured preschool.

The CHALK Preschool also has a Parent Portal where you can create a username and password, put in your child's name and birthday so that you can personalize the schooling based on your child's age.

What I love most:
  • They use colorful, fun, edits including cartoons and real life that get kids interested and laughing. Whether they are talking about weather, colors, spelling, sounds, math, animals, months, seasons, geography, kids will be entertained, engaged and eager to learn!
  • There is so much to see: Music Videos, Webisodes, Kid’s Talk Shows, Interactive Books, Step By Step activity projects with colorful photos and videos, Daily Lessons that change daily. 
  • Watch Ms. Christina and the kids with your kids. They will  love it. You will love it. It is fun for all. 
  • Tons of songs that you won't be able to get out of your head but your kids will absolutely love!
  • Kids love watching kids! The Chalk Preschool uses a lot of real kids in their videos. Even my 9 year old was entertained.
  • You can also play on any device. Perfect for on the go kids

My daughter loved the videos about How Do Things Work especially the one on recycling. She was shocked to see what happens to her water bottle during the recycling process.

This site is great for Summer too. Keep the kids engaged and learning. It will give them the head start they are going to need in this world's elementary education curriculum. 

For more information please head over to Chalk Preschool, Chalk Preschool Blog, or the Chalk Preschool News Room. Chalk Preschool is on Facebook too!

Disclaimer: We had an opportunity to review for our honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered or received. 


  1. I wish they had stuff like this when I was homeschooled.

  2. i have several pre school grandchildren that would enjoy this thanks

  3. This looks like a well thought out supplement to standard education, which I agree with you is severely lacking these days.

  4. This is great I know my kids would like this

  5. I also live with there are a lot of snow days. My kids would like this because it looks like fun to do and they would also be learning so I like that.

  6. This is a great thing for winter activity when you hear I am bored. Kids love soaking up knowledge and especially online now.

  7. The CHALK Preschool site looks interesting for my 4 year old granddaughter. She would enjoy the songs and activities while learning new skills. It would help her as a beginner reader.

  8. I have a nephew that just turn 4 will tell my sister in law about this.


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