Some W's For A Thursday

We saw this beautiful lady at the Liberty Science Center last week. This Black Widow Spider is only beautiful because she is behind glass. Not a great photo as she was behind glass and since it was Spring Break and I had lost my family way too many times to ignore where they were walking to, I zoomed in quickly on a stroll by over a bunch of heads and snapped this blurry photo.

Yes it is only a cellphone photo but my daughter was working it as winter ended. It took forever for the snow to go away this year. This was taken in this month.

The letter is W this week at Alphabe-Thursday


  1. So maybe it was a Black Window spider?

  2. Yikes! Glad the spider was behind glass!
    Cute shot of your daughter :)

  3. spiders make me shudder.

    Your daughter, however, is darling..

  4. Love her sense of style! ;-)

  5. very cute photo of your daughter. Need to make a few prints of those and get them for posterity! {:-D

  6. The spider is very spooky (I don`t like them ). On the other hand, your daughter is very cute

  7. I agree. Any spider behind glass is beautiful.


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