Monday, April 07, 2014

Blues From The Past

 These are blues from 2008! I am pretty sure they have been shared here back in 2008 because they are some of my favorites. Handsome was 4 and Goddess 2. I love how she photobombed her brother's portrait. I didn't realize I had her in the background until I downloaded the photo! One of my favorites.

The one below shows a completely different Handsome and Skye. He would never put his arm around her now. She tries and tries to touch him or kiss him but he is all..."woah woah...don't touch me! Gross!" She gets her feelings hurt and I remind her that at one time she was all he wanted to touch and hold.

Maybe one day....


  1. Hi Maria,

    Love the soft blue.

    You're doing a great job explaining how the dynamics of brother/sister love works. I have a girl and a boy. They too have an interesting love you/don't touch relationship. Thanks for sharing .

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

    1. Thanks Sally! One day I hope they arrive back at a place where they LOVE each other. Right is hard to find the love.

  2. Funny how that brother/sister relationship changes over the years. Mine are in their very early 30s now and definitely went through some ups and downs! They lead busy lives now but manage to get together from time to time.


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