Sunday, April 06, 2014

Good Friends Have My Back!

Two weeks ago two friends told me that they had bought me a year long membership to a local gym. I was floored and remember saying to my (two times visited) therapist, I must be a good friend for people to want to do that for me and how surprised I was. He said, why are you saying you must be a good friend? Why don't you ever say, I am a good friend? More on that later!

My motivation is they are paying for me, so I will be going! I have gone every day Monday through Friday for two weeks now resting on Saturday and Sunday.

I jump on the spin bike for 15 minutes, do arms, legs, and back. Using the machines has always been something I loved. Back before kids I loved going to the gym and lifting.

Last week I rode the spin for 31.5 miles while I hoped to top this week, I only clocked in at 29.8 this week but trained this week and rowed 580 meters instead. 

My knee is a bit messed up from the rowing I am sure and hope that resting for two days will be enough.

What are your favorite things to do at the gym or at your home for exercise?



  1. That was very kind for your friends to do that. And it is great that you are working so hard! I used to run before my knees failed me. I miss it so much!

  2. Great friends indeed! Kudos to you for getting fit too!


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