Monday, April 14, 2014

My Goddess Is 9 #happybirthday

I cannot believe it! I really can't! 9! My Goddess is 9 and I am so happy and sad.  I have been trying to post about the kids birthdays for years.

It was only yesterday we were a couple without kids and now here we are 11 years later in the Blink Of An Eye and my BABY is 9.

We celebrated Goddess' birthday "week" long birthday celebration on Friday when we brought in cupcakes for her classmates. Saturday we headed to an over night stay at the Courtyard Marriott in Mount Arlington NJ.  My kids are thrilled just to stay overnight and swim in the pool. They think this is a vacation. When your kids have never been anywhere it is not hard to thrill them.  A big thanks to the Marriott for our comp breakfast. My kids loved watching TV while they ate at their personal TV. BTW we think your beds are the best! Sleeping on our own last night was a big let down after the best sleeps we have had in a long time. We even took a photo of the label that was on the mattress because we were impressed.
Source: Courtyard Marriott
Goddess slept in the chair, Handsome and I shared a bed and Teach took a bed to himself. They were exhausted after playing in the pool for hours.

Last night Goddess opened her gifts after asking her dad how long she would have to wait tomorrow. He would be working on her birthday and since she is off for Spring Break she didn't want to have to wait all day for him to come home. He told her she could open to which she quickly took him up on it.

When we asked her what she wanted she said two words "Monster High". Makes things nice and easy for us too because there is so many cool Monster High items out there.

Being the good girl she is, cards are always first.

I think she likes her Aunt Marta card
Card from Aunt Marta
Card from Mom, Dad & Handsome

Handsome picked this Monster High decorate the disco ball thingy himself. It lights up and is soooo cool. You can check out the High Voltage Tara Toy here.

She didn't even know she wanted this Nerf Rebelle! She is loving it.

The High Voltage String of Lights Kit is awesome. You  can color them with the markers included and hang them wherever.

Picking out a doll is really hard because I love them all. This one had pink snakes coming out of her hair so that made it an easy pick. Her name is Viperine Gorgon besides her she also got Monster High 13 Wishes Frankie Stein - somehow we forgot to take a photo of her.

I think her favorite thing came from Aunt Marta. What girl wouldn't like a make up kit featuring all kinds of beautiful glittery things. Here is a photo of the Just Play Monster High Monsterfy Make Up Case from Amazon.
Source: Amazon

 She had a wonderful time opening her gifts and smiled the whole time while her brother and father ow'd and ahhh'd.  She also got a jewelry making kit, Barbie doll clothes, really colorful socks and a new bathing suit. Unfortunately I have no video which makes me sad. It was the first time I haven't take a video of the kids opening their gifts. They love watching videos of themselves opening their gifts through the years.

Ten Things I Love About You:

I love how sweet you are. Always thinking about others and putting them before yourself. This morning I asked where you wanted to go for your birthday breakfast and you said, Handsome likes McDonalds. We ended up at McDonalds because that is what your brother would have liked. Such a good girl.

We love how artistic you are. Your skills are getting better and better. Here are some photos you did just last week.

You love listening to music. You enjoy singing and know the words to every song on the radio and what you don't know you ask questions about. We look up a lot of songs so you can see the videos and learn the words. Right now you are listening to Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lorde and Paramore

You are so funky and fun. You pick your clothes including shoes and accessories out every single night. Sometimes even the nail polish and lip gloss are coordinated to the outfit. You are very different and unique with a style all your own.

You have an incredible sense of humor. You always get the joke. I totally feel like I can do stand up when you are around.

You are like totally warped and I love it. Your creative artistic side mixes with your bizarre creepy wacky side and sometimes you can totally shock me. Like when you created this guy by stuffing clothes into your clothes and using a ball for a head. "Mommy imagine if the head totally turned around right now! What would you do?"

That you totally change up your room almost every week. From sheets to what toys are on your shelves or rugs on the floor. You love to decorate.

You like helping. You love to cook and want to help clean or do laundry. Who wouldn't love the extra help? I can't wait until I can give you more demanding chores.

You love sitting at the computer and searching out cute animal videos. You think everything is cute. We have watched our fair share of adorable animals and know that one day I will miss this.

You whisper everything to me. If you want someone else to know something, your hot breath on my ear is expected. It could be your grandparents, aunt, or father but I will hear it first.

In a while we will make your birthday cake together but right now you are sitting with your friends from down the street watching a movie and before you know it you will be 10 and I will be crying but until now I will continue to love being with you while I can because you are truly the best part of my day. You make me crazier then any other but without you I would be completely LOST.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday my love!


  1. Happy birthday!!!!! My how time flies!

  2. Hi Maria,

    She's a lovely nine-year-old, but oh my, she's going to be a gorgeous lady! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  3. Happy Birthday to a sweet nine year old.

  4. Very sweet post. Happy birthday to your lovely girl.

  5. You wouldn't have wanted her to stay in diapers forever, would you? Happy 9th!

    I would be honored to have you leave a comment on my blog. Thank you.

    Red Hot Chile Pepper


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