Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Music Is In The House

My husband and I are music lovers. We listen to mostly the same type of music and music is always playing in the house and has been since the kids were still in utero. I used to wear headphones on my belly and when they were finally born played that same music in their rooms at night so they would sleep through most of the night.

We are thrilled that over the past two years our kids have really shown a love of music. They love playing music themselves in their rooms, borrowing our headphones and asking us to download their favorite music to their Kindles so they can listen when they want, they watch a ton of music videos on You Tube and are becoming interested in learning instruments. My husband and I both believe that taking an instrument in school is important to our children and are thrilled that Handsome has started drums and Goddess has shown interest in guitar and piano.

Teach plays guitar, bass and piano. I dabbled in bass guitar and wish I could teach myself the guitar and piano but have never taken the time required to master them.

Both kids however have a wonderful opportunity to try their hand at an instrument or two and I for one would love if they both learned how to read music so they could play whatever they wanted.

My niece recently visited from California and sat with the kids showing them some apps where they could practice playing instruments on their Kindle and figuring out where their passion is. She mentioned a there is a Piano Store Los Angeles that not only has new pianos but rebuilt Steinways from the early 1900s. One of her dreams, now is to one day have a room with a Steinway where she could practice and play for hours and promised the kids that when they visit she would take them so they could see the Piano she wants most.

Until then, they are playing their Kindles and dreaming of a trip to LA. AND I guess we should be happy that they currently like our kind of music.


  1. Music is so important! I can't wait to sign my oldest daughter up for lessons--she wants to take either piano or voice after she gets her black belt in Tae Kwon Do (she plays other sports too so our schedule can't handle voice or piano just yet!) My youngest daughter has been enjoying Kindermusik lessons since she was about 10 months old. I think early music exposure makes for happier healthier children!

  2. i would love to get my son interested in music, might teach him patience!!

  3. Our grandson started taking music lessons this school. To the delight of my husband, our grandson asked if he could use his grandfather's saxophone. We too love it that our kids appreciate music, and now our grandson is searching out what kind of music he likes best.


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