Friday, October 04, 2013

Our At Home Croods Party Was A Da Da Daaaaaa Success! #TheCroodsDVD @FHEInsiders

This past weekend courtesy of 20th Century Fox and FHEInsiders we hosted The Croods and 9 of our best friends.

The Croods is a movie my daughter and I really wanted to see when it was in the theaters but never got there. Out of the 11 kids there only two had seen it already so needless to say, there were some very excited children.

A friend of mine offered up her house since her husband was away and her floor plan allows for a great party atmosphere for our indoor party and I gladly took her up on it.

We shopped for our lunch, snacks, drinks and dessert with the day revolving around our gang of little ones.  Worked together to set up the arrangements and were ready for a prehistoric good time.

When the kids arrived bean bags had already been set up with the "swag bags" from 20th Century Home Entertainment and FHEInsiders. As excited as the kids were, they waited until they were all there to dive in with no one peeking and wanting to be surprised. We love that!

It was almost impossible to get some of these kids to sit down and eat!

Our kids ranged from 4-10 and there wasn't one that wasn't excited about their swag.  When I say they were taken care of, they were really taken care of!!!

One of the kids patiently waiting to see what is inside the bags!
 When they were finally given the OK to grab a bag, there was a ton of screaming. So cute to watch the excitement.

 I loved watching them show each other what was in their bag even though they all had exactly the same thing!

 The blanket was a huge hit and I hear these two little ones have yet to sleep without their new Croods blanket and their little Belt!

Look at those smiles on the littlest guests! CUTE!

 Here is Goddess and her bestie. They have been in the same class since they are 3 years old! Hopefully next year they get the same teacher again!

Even one of our four legged friends was excited by all the giggling and laughing going on in the room! Fozzie had to come investigate.

The moms and I were so excited to see all the kids actually quietly watching the movie. Laughing and staying in front of the TV for almost 80% of the time.

 The movie was really cute. Wonderfully animated which I am a huge fan of and really funny. This is great slapstick humor which makes it good for the whole family. If you haven't seen this movie yet. See it!

After the movie, I asked them to get together for a photo opp. They took so long to get together I had to snap away. Here are two of my favorites!

 Little Joey and his sister never made it to our party due to the whole family coming down with the stomach virus which has been making its way through our school. Yesterday he finally returned to school and I was able to give him his swag bag at the bus stop! Look at that face.  He sat in the car going through his bag saying, Da da Daaaaaa...CUTE!

We had the best time and the parents were so grateful to have something fun to do with the kids on Football Sunday!

Thanks to 20th Century Fox and Fox Home Entertainment Insiders for this wonderful opportunity. The kids and parents had a great time!


  1. It looks like all the kid's had a fun time watching the movie together. I will watch the movie soon. I am looking forward to seeing it also.

  2. That looks like it was a really fun time! I love those bags, so cute! I'm glad you guys had so much fun! We rented the Croods last night and had my 2 daughters and my niece and nephew over. They loved it!

  3. How fun ! I hope to do something similar when I get this movie - hoping to win it first.

  4. Hello Maria,

    What a super treat! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  5. Your house reminds me of when i used to be able to take a lot of kids (to give the parents time by their self) and do fun things.


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