Friday, February 22, 2013

The Seven Year Hitch - March 5th - REVIEW


The Seven Year Hitch - Arrives to DVD on March 5

Witness the hilarious results when two best friends discover they’re legally married in the Hallmark Movie Channel Original, The Seven Year Hitch, tying the knot on DVD March 5 from Sonar Entertainment and Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment. Starring Darin Brooks (“CSI Miami,” “Castle,”), Natalie Hall (“Pretty Little Liars,” “Law and Order: SVU”), Frances Fisher (Titanic), Griffin Cleveland (“The Walking Dead,” “Desperate Housewives”), Ryan Doom (“Raising Hope”), and George Wendt (“Cheers”), the debut of The Seven Year Hitch ranked as the Hallmark Movie Channel’s most-watched original premiere of 2012 among women and adults ages 25-54.

Best friends Jennifer (Hall) and Kevin (Brooks) have lived together for seven years, but Jennifer’s impending marriage is about to disrupt their domestic bliss. When Kevin discovers that Jennifer’s fiancé is cheating on her, he seeks to save her from marrying the wrong guy by declaring that they have a common law marriage. Now he just has to show Jennifer that he’s the one who can give her a “happily ever after” ending.

Heartwarming and funny, The Seven Year Hitch will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $14.93. DVD BASICS Price: $14.93 Street Date: March 5, 2013 Language: English Running time: 86 minutes Rating: Not Rated

The 411 by Maria:

 I just finished watching The Seven Year Hitch due on DVD March 5th. In two words, it was adorably sweet.

Jennifer and Kevin have been best friends since he moved onto her block when they were both 6. Fast forward to Jennifer graduating from college as she talks to her two friends about allowing Kevin to live with her for about two weeks while he gets his feet on the ground. Fast forward another 7 years, and we see a professional Jennifer getting ready for work while her friend Kevin hands her her lunch. They are still roommates with Jennifer moving up the career ladder, while fun loving Kevin works on a board game idea and works as a golf caddy.  When Jennifer's cheating boyfriend Bryce of six months proposes, Kevin must figure out a way for Jennifer to see on her own what a bad move it would be for her.

I thought the movie was a adorable. Darin Brooks (Kevin) is charming, quirky and sweet. He reminded me of Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon without the cane and long hair. He has a sweet smile and was perfect as the long time loyal "guy" friend.

 Natalie Hall as Jennifer was as adorable as Darin with her super white teeth and sweet smile.

The Seven Year Hitch is exactly what I would expect from A Hallmark Movie. Charming, funny, sweet, and soft. Although predictable, I enjoyed every moment especially Kevin using their "common law" arrangement as a way to keep Jennifer from marrying Bryce.

The movie also received the Dove Family Approved Stamp so feel free to watch around your kids!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for my honest opinion.

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