Friday, February 01, 2013

Give Madly Madagascar and These Ecards This Valentine's Day

I just finished watching Madly Madagascar on DVD and LOVED it.

What is not to love about these guys. We know them now after what, 3 movies now. Marty, Alex, Melmon and Gloria and the rest of the animals are back again and this time it is Valentine's Day.

Alex the beloved Lion from the zoo loves Valentine's Day and why not? At the zoo, he was treated like royalty.  He starts telling the animals about Valentines and how to make them so he can put them on his Valentine tree when he is interrupted by word of King Julian's Love Potion.

The animals flock to find out what it is all about and eventually everyone wants a shot of it so they can become irresistible.  Marty wants in because there is a stunning new Opaki in town and everyone is trying to catch her eye. Will the Love Potion #9 that fell from the sky be the answer? I won't tell ya but it it a great movie. Only about a half hour long. My favorites scenes are with the penguins more specifically Skipper and his bobble head wife.

Adorable movie for kids and the adults

You can order Madly Madagascar on Amazon for only $5.99 which is a great price!

Madagascar ECards for Valentine's Day

Movie Preview:

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