Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Friends Forever DVD Giveaway

I love Strawberry Shortcake for many reasons but the one I love most is how sweet she is to her friends. She has wonderful manners and never lets anything get to her.  She is always the voice of reason and remains calm and balanced which is why I love watching her movies with my 7 year old daughter. 

Teaching good manners is hard but with Strawberry Shortcake's help, it's a piece of cake!

Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Best Manners for Kids Guide
Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Friends Forever on DVD March 5

When the very formal Berry Bitty Buggy Derby is revived, the girls are unfamiliar with the traditional behavior for the event. Blueberry starts off as the resident expert, but eventually gets so obsessed with manners she does more harm than good. In the end, the girls work together and learn the true meaning of being BFF's or Berry Friends Forever.

This feature will highlight some of the “berry” best manners that Strawberry and Blueberry would approve of! Your kids will learn how to be on their "berry" best behavior everyday with this fun guide!

Keep Your Elbows Off the Table

While the origin of this table manner is still up for debate, it’s “berry” polite to keep your elbows off the table while eating! Resting your elbows on the table while you eat makes you prone to accidental spills and other mishaps, while remembering to keep your elbows off the table ensures that food, utensils, and drinks remain on the table and out of your lap!

Always Use Your “Inside Voice”

It’s easy to get excited when talking about something you love and are excited about, or when having fun with your berry best friends, but it’s important to always use your “inside voice.” If you’re invited to a formal event like the Berry Bitty Buggy Derby like Strawberry and her pals are, you’d have to do your best to not yell to show your excitement!

Always Use “Please” and “Thank you”

Always remember to say, “please” before asking for something, and “thank you” when someone does something to help you. Using “please” and “thank you” isn’t just a way to be polite when asking for something, but it’s also a nice way to decline someone’s offer. Let’s say a friend offers you a snack at their house, but you’re allergic to the food – what do you say? “No, thank you!”

Knock Before Entering

If someone has the door to their bedroom, the bathroom, etc. closed, you should always knock and ask for permission to come in before entering. In general, people shut doors when they don’t want company, so if you want to be on your “berry” best behavior, you should always knock!

Chew With Your Mouth Closed

No matter how yummy your food is, always remember that those you’re eating with don’t want to see your chewed food hanging out of your mouth! Even though everyone enjoys tasty food, it’s important to chew food with your mouth closed so that you don’t accidentally gross out your dining companions. Chewing with your mouth closed also helps you keep from dropping chewed food on your clothes and the table. Another “berry” good tip: don’t talk with your mouth full of food either – it’s considered polite to finish chewing and then speak! 
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  1. Chew With Your Mouth Closed
    Thank you!

  2. I feel like a broken record saying, "Don't talk with your mouth full of food!"

  3. Use your inside voice!

  4. say please and thank you

  5. use your inside voice

  6. Elbows on the table!

  7. please and thank you


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