Friday, September 17, 2010

Glee - The First Season on DVD Review

Join the club and bring home the fun with Glee Karaoke and Glee Jukebox— available only on DVD! A talented group of high school misfits transforms into a performing sensation with the help of a dedicated teacher. Through laughter, tears, irreverent humor and unforgettable music, they learn to follow their hearts and chase their dreams

Yes, Glee, the First Season, 24 episodes is out on DVD and thanks to Fox Connect I was able to review it.

 My sister-in-law and niece who are very tainted when it comes to movies and TV (meaning nothing is good enough) LOVE Glee. They have told me for at least 10 months to watch because "You will love it". In fact, they both wish they could go back to school and attend the one in my town because it has a Glee Club. Who knew? I didn't until they noticed it while there to pick up Handsome one day.

What I Can Tell You: 
I was excited to get Glee in the mail. With DVD in hand, I headed to Clary's house for some coffee and to watch Glee on her humungo TV and sit on her very comfy couch. She handed me coffee and I whipped out the DVD box. She was like, " I have a headache."  Because she has a hard time saying "no" we headed downstairs but not without her complaining and literally cursing that she has to now watch some "damn DVD" with me. As I sat down she told me she was heading upstairs and I could watch it alone. "I've heard from many people it is great but I have a headache and I don't want to watch this (again) damn thing with you." This was followed with a few "I hate you"s which I always ignore.

About 10 minutes in, she started humming along to one of the background tracks. During the first number I was in love and she was singing along. When the first episode was over, she got up and took the DVD out. "You know, I really liked it!"

"You did? So did I."

Then she asked, "You want to watch the second episode?"

I said, "Of course."

She put in the disc and when it started, we realized that it was the wrong disc. I scrambled, she scrambled then we both told each other to calm down. It was hysterical and we laughed until the second episode started. We are totally Glee'd!

Our plan is to watch at least two episodes every week. We did this with another show last fall and it was great.

We loved the songs! We loved the storyline. We hated the same people and liked the same people.

Glee is awesome! It is worth the hype. Clary loves it and finds nothing wrong where I think it borders on cheesy but really appreciate the show. There were a few times that I thought, wait, this is on at the 8:00 hour and some of it wouldn't be good for those under 15's ears but it isn't terrible.

If you have been meaning to check out Glee, now is the time. It is a musical-comedy-drama series on Fox and centers around a high school choir or Glee club.

Disclaimer: Fox Connect sent me a DVD for my honest opinion. I was not paid or asked to write anything by anyone.


  1. Anonymous8:41 PM

    I had a damn headache!!!! I was not feeling well. I am glad I was able to annoy you and humor you at the same time. I must say I really enjoyed it! I am looking forward to watch the remaining episodes with you.

  2. You're gonna hate me, but I watched the start of this show and couldn't get into it. The music was all I liked. I was so disappointed too cause I'm a huge Jane Lynch fan! Glad you got Glee, but so wasn't for me.


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