Thursday, September 09, 2010

Color Carnival - #56

Color Carnival this week is a hard pick. When I see all the color that everyone else has, everything I have pales in comparison.

I headed to the zoo with my kids right before school started. Every year I take them and at the end we head to the souvenir store there. This year, Goddess choose some colorful stones for her "special box" to remember the zoo by. I think the blue table and the stone bag are much more colorful than the stones. How about you?



  1. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I totally agree. The blue table is what makes the marbles stand out.
    It is still a nice array of colors.

  2. Nice colors! I really like the blue table. It´s a nice contrast towards the other things!

  3. This is a cool choice! Loads of color, and great souvenir!

  4. What?! No Linky?

    I got a post up;

  5. Nice shot Maria! Hope all goes well with the voting this week. Have a great weekend :-)

  6. For a moment I thought they are something edible like chocolate or candy...

  7. Thanks for taking over the carnival.

  8. I would of picked some colorful stones to go in my "special box" too. Nice choice! It brings back memories.

    I have just participated in Color Carnival a couple of times. Thanks for taking it over so we can continue this fun outlet! :D


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