Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer is Here And There Is Still Time To Get Beach Ready

Before my medical leave I was given the opportunity to try out something called Belly Burner Belt.

I am always interested in these commercials on TV and have tried so many of the As Seen On TV products. The commercials make everything look so easy and a total and complete must have in your life.
This was a product that I had not seen before and looked easy enough. Wrap the Belly Burner Belt around your middle, put on your clothes and waste away the pounds to a leaner, meaner, flatter, belly!

We all want those washboard abs and ummm...why not give it a try?

What I Can Tell You:
  • The Belly Burner Belt is comfortable and fits all sizes. 
  • The Belly Burner Belt makes you feel warm while you wear it.
  • The Belly Burner Belt comes with a Bobby Waldron Blazing Abs workout DVD
  • The Belly Burner Belt makes no claims about not having to work out or eat right while wearing it.
  • The Belly Burner Belt is very inexpensive at just $7.95 to try for 7 days and $39.90 if you choose to keep it. 
  •  The Belly Burner Belt also comes with 3 free gifts include Bobby Waldron’s exclusive Exercise and Food Journal, Meal Planner Nutrition Log and At-A-Glance Calorie Counter.
With all that said, I cannot tell you that it works. I have been unable to think about exercise until I am well, but I wish all of you a very healthy, slimmer summer!

This may just be the thing that works for you!

Disclaimer: I received the Belly Burner Belt free of charge for my honest opinion.

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  1. I think you are right. I first read about it above, but I never bought one


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