Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Halloween Costumes I Will Never Wear

Thirteen Halloween Costumes I Will Never Wear (in no particular order)

1- Anita Waxin

2-Shocker Costume

3-Genie in a Lamp

4-Camel Toe

5-Down for the Count


7-Stud Finder

8-New Born

9-Here Comes The Baby (so tasteless I just had to use it twice.

10-Plug and Socket

11-Cry Baby

12- Corn

13-Hula Girl


  1. Um me neither!! Not any of those. And #8/9....there are just no words. None whatsoever.

    Happy TT!

  2. I'm scared.... *wink

    Happy T13!

  3. Some imagination !!! :D While I hope I don't even know anyone who'd actually dream of donning any of those, the pics are certainly good for a laugh. Thank You !!!

  4. OMG. Although I kind of like Stud Finder. No, no, what am I thinking? *clunking self in the head*

  5. I can't believe anyone would wear some of those! The New Born hilarious LOL

  6. Wow, its a wonder who thought those things up?? :)

  7. I'm with you. I can't see myself in any of these either. Happy TT!

  8. Alright don't hate me... but I actually thought the plug and socket was kinda funny!! Sorry...
    But only for an adults only party that Bill & I were invited to, NOT to wear on Halloween night to hand out candy to the kids!
    The rest of them are ridiculous, the newborn baby ones are totally tasteless!

  9. Anonymous7:54 PM

    i wouldn't wear those costumes either. I think whoever wears the newborn is classic. The newborn costumes are funny. Is my favorite. lol

  10. LOL! Thanks for that Maria!
    I don't get #2--The Shocker???


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