Relish A Review and Giveaway for Your Dinner Table

Here is the email I received from Relish

Meal planning just got a million percent easier. And cheaper.

Until we can all afford our own personal chefs, the next best thing is easily Relish!, a truly cool meal-planning service for busy parents.

This easy to use (really), mom-run website helps you prepare healthy, creative meals every week!  You pick from a ton of excellent tested recipes, a very cleverly organized grocery list is automatically created, then all you do is hit the store for five days worth of home-cooked meals--not one of which takes more than 30 minutes to prepare.

You'll find a whole lot to choose from including freezer meals, vegetarian menus, super-quick and slow cooker recipes.  And you’ll find tons of kid’s faves that don't include the word "nugget."

For subscriptions at $7 a month, you'll end up with five complete dinners for a family of four running you less than $85. Between the money savings and the anxiety savings, you’re coming out way ahead.

Color me impressed! Feeding a family of for for a week under $85.00! Wow now that is something I can stand behind.

I was giving a coupon to redeem so that I could conduct this review. I hit the link and was brought to the home page which lets me know the following:

  • Each week you choose five entrees to make for the week.

  • All dinners are kitchen-tested (no more disasters) and take 30 minutes or less prep.

  • The comprehensive grocery list makes grocery shopping a snap. [View a grocery list]

  • 5 dinners and sides cost less than $85 per week at the grocery store. You will notice substantial savings by sticking to a list!

  • A Relish! subscription is only $7 per month.

  • Monthly freezer menus are included in the subscription, plus much more [read on]
And they have an app for your phone!

iphone applicationspacer
save money
Need Gluten Free? Guess what, they have that too!

gfree link
Here is the list and links for the plans. Halloween is right around the corner so I headed there. I have two school parties to prepare for.

Ok, I'm back. My first impression: Organization. There is nothing better than organization when you are a mom and need things to run smoothly.

Everything was broken down for me

What You Need but May Already Have - Lists the pantry items and cookie cutters.
The Grocery Lists for the 4 recipes were broken down by department (meat, produce, canned goods, and more) The lists tell you exactly how much of everything you will need and are very detailed.

BTW: I am totally making this Black Halloween Punch with Floating Eye Balls.

So cool!

Beside the awesome nightly meals which are all mapped out for you there is a feature I have not seen before and I am dying to try it.

Relish has a dinner and a movie type menu plan. They give you the name of the movie, the actors, the storyline and a menu plan to coinincede with the movie. For instance. Bed Time Stories with Adam Sandler.

The menu plan includes: Bugsy Bacon Burgers, Friday Night Fries, Nottingham Nosh with Creamy Dill Dip, Sleepytime S'mores and of course (if you saw the movies) gumballs. I love this. What a fabulous idea for sleepovers.

After the fun of exploring Dinner and A Movie I headed over to "weekly menu". Over here you select how many people you are feeding. Then you pick out 5 entrees and 1 dessert. Each recipe has a guide next to it where you can see which recipes are kid friendly, low in calories, vegetarian and more.

$7.00 a month and so many options for meals that will take the thinking part out of your nightly delimia of what do I make for dinner + the organization to keep it all together. It sounds like a steal to me.

Relish has bestowed on me the honor of giving one of my readers the chance to try their services out with a very generous one year subscription.

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