Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Amateur Book Review - A Change In Altitude

I received this book from Hachette Book Group and love the cover. My girlfriends who came over for coffee and love looking through my pile of books also were drawn to the cover. But a cover is just a cover, would the book satisfy?

A Change in Altitude by Anita Shreve.

In a Nutshell: This was a great book, not a good book. Patrick and Margaret are very different as are most relationships. The parallels are interesting Patrick is a doctor and humanitarian and Margaret is a photographer yet it is Margaret who ends up being the humanitarian throughout the book while Patrick is a workaholic. There is one scene that actually stopped by heart which is probably what the author was going for. The description above talks about a horrific accident that occurs on the expedition. That scene was so nerve racking that I had to read it two times because I felt as if I was seeing it and had to remind myself that this was a character in a book not a friend of mine who parishes. Anita Shreve is a fabulous author and has brought us the literature classics "Out of Africa" and "The Pilot's Wife" which were made into movies. Is there a movie in the works for this one. Only time will tell but I suggest Rachel McAdams and Ryan Phillippe as the main characters.


  1. OMG... this sound SO good, I really want to read this one. You make it sound so fantastic.

    And I really think you should change the title of your reviews from "Amateur" because you really sound professional!! Better than some of those nitwits even in the NY Times. :-)

  2. I too enjoy your book reviews very much. They make me want to go out and get each book you write about. This one sounds like a good one, too. I have not read any of Anita Shreve's books (or even saw the movies that you mentioned) but I won her book "Testimony off of another blog a few months ago so I will tackle that soon. It looks real good too!


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