Sunday, June 21, 2009

Maria's Space Celebrates It's 4th Anniversary

I know it pales in comparison to what we are really celebrating today, my Grandparent's 68th Anniversary (she says they were married in 1941) and oh yeah, Father's Day.

Can you imagine 68 years together. Owww Fah! Geesh that is a long time. They are both in their 90's and still send me checks for my birthday and Christmas. Cute right? I spoke to Grams today and she was cooking pig skin bracciole for Gramps. They buried two children (my mom and my uncle both in their early 30's) and did a lot of traveling. They eat well and take good care of themselves. I can only pray to live as long as they have and to be as healthy as my grandmother is. She is all of 4' 5 maybe and still hears well enough to have a phone conversation and has never worn a hearing aid) God bless my grandparents and me for allowing me to have them in my life for so long.

She was just telling me how crazy this spring has been and how my mom's birthday, June 13th used to always be the hottest day of the year and that every year she wanted to have a party to invite all her friends over. I live for these little bits of information.

This was the last time we visited my grandparents (Nov 2007).
I hope to visit again in the next month. They live over 2 hours away in either direction
(they have 2 homes one upstate and one in the city).


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    She looks great. she doesn't look her age at all. I hope I can live that long too.

  2. Happy 4th Anniversary! =)


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