Monday, June 08, 2009

It's Monday Morning & I've Got the Memes

Little bubble puss singing in the bath is my Monochome Weekly Photo this week.

I wish this wasn't so blurry. Little miss was scared to death. She just thought it was a slide, like at the park. "It was way too fast and way to bumpy for me" was all she said as I got her off. She clung to me shaking. Poor thing.

For Today...June 8, 2009
Outside my window... The sun is coming up.

I am thinking... I seriously need to get off the computer and get the kids to school.

From the learning rooms... Stepping outside the box, I made 4 earrings and a necklace this weekend. It was fun and I loved it.

I am thankful for... My awesome cup of coffee.

From the kitchen... I need some breakfast but I am not sure what I want.

I am wearing... My least favorite shorts and a gray top.

I am reading... B as in Beauty. Review coming soon.

I am hoping... That this day brings great things.

I am creating... Jewelry, did I say that already? Yeah little old me. Making something.
I am praying... for a happy and safe summer vacation

Around the house... Everything needs cleaning. Coat of dust and dirty carpets from no cleaning this weekend.

One of my favorite things... Hanging on the deck with my family.

A few plans for the rest of the week...More jewelry

Here is a picture I would like to share with you...


  1. great pictures and here is a bit of trivia for you if you did not know the ferris wheel was invinted in Jacksonville Illinois I lived a short drive from the great town many years ago

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Well bubbled.

  3. Great mellow yellows...and that little miss does look the ferris wheel shot...

  4. I've never been on those slides but, I hear they are fast. I guess it will be a while before she's ready for that again.

  5. Can't wait for that review, glad I signed up. Your pics are great - I especially love the last - looks like something that could be hung as art.

  6. Excellent bubble bath photo!! Perhaps my favorite so far in the Monochrome Weekly theme!


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