Monday, January 19, 2009

Simple Women's Daybook - #2

For Today... January 19, 2009

Outside my window...It is a little cloudy but the sun visits every so often. The snow is still semi fluffy and we are supposed to get more this week.

I am thinking... I missed one day of General Hospital and I am so lost.

I am thankful for... The fact that my husband is here working, my daughter is watching a movie and my son is playing a game. Everyone is doing their own thing but we are all together.

From the kitchen... Today, brunch was a Weight Watchers English muffin with cream cheese and the other half had peanut butter. Easy enough.

I am wearing... Pants, t-shirt and zip up hoodie.

I am reading... Breaking Dawn and Edward Norton's newest book I Hate Your Guts

I am hoping... for a nice, sunny day tomorrow. I want to take some local photos around town while the kids are both in school.

I am creating... Memories that will last a life time with my daughter which is why this is taking me so long to fill out. When she comes in, I stop typing to talk to her, answer her questions and hug and kiss her.

I am hearing... General Hospital in the room I am in, Super Mario in the living room and my daughter jumping in her room.

Around the house... Things are oddly quiet and relaxed.

One of my favorite things... is when there is left over coffee from the morning that I can heat up in the afternoon.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Drop some stuff off at the animal shelter, bring bags down to the bins, drop books at the library, donate some stuff to the school and get in touch with my sister some how.

Here is a picture I would love to share with you...
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This is my kids 2 years ago. I adore it because of so many obvious reasons....
His hands around her head, his smile, her hand on his face, so cute.

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