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Head over to Diana Rambles to play along to her meme Family Foto Fun Friday.

This week's theme is ME

Putting pictures of myself is something I don't do often so this is uncomfortable and fun at the same time.

Let's start at the beginning. This is me around 6 months old I am assuming. This pictures was first used on my blog here for ABC Wednesday where I talked about Queens, NY which is where this picture was taken in 1967. It is my favorite baby picture because I love the hat, the pram in the background and how happy I look.
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This is another of my favorite photos of me but for very different reasons. I love how thin I am in this picture. I was about 16 years old with so much uncertainty in my future. This was taken in my cousin's home where I spent 2 summers before finally moving there after H.S. For a tiny bit of the story of why I left home at 16 going on 17 (my tribute to The Sound of Music) go here
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This is my family before children. I was 5+ months pregnant here with Handsome. I knew this was the last Christmas alone before we became parents. Notice me trying to make sure you see a side view of my belly. Why was that so important? You can barely see my cat.
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I am 4+ weeks pregnant with my son. I truly wanted to document every moment of my pregnancy and thought I would take a picture every week. I do have quite a few pregnant pictures but not enough, maybe taking one once a month.
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Too funny. I thought I was beautiful with that big ole belly. I also though I was huge but this girl had no idea she could actually get. For pictures of me pregnant with my daughter go here. Now that was huge! In this picture I am 8 months 2 weeks pregnant. My son would be born in 1.5 weeks. I am standing in his room waiting anxiously for the day. To read about the day Handsome decided to join us, go here.
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Here I am in November 2008. 5.5 years after the above picture. I am older, wiser, calmer, heavier, more grey, more lines on my face but much more happy and comfortable in my skin. The nose ring was a gift to myself for my 42nd birthday. It is something I always wanted. The week before my husband had said, "if you die (nice talk right?!) I'm just going to tell the funeral parlour to pierce your nose because always wanted one." That statement lite the fire under my ass and I headed down to the local tattoo joint and got it done holding my son's hand for strength. Laughable actually because it didn't hurt!
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For more pictures of well, me....head over to my photography blog Memories Through Photography where I continue this meme.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

How adorable as you. Especially as a baby!!! I love it! Thanks so much for participating!!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said... that I have gone back and read it all...I realize we are the same age! You look great!!!

onangelwings said...

Diana, Thanks so much for coming to visit. I loved this theme. Putting pictures of myself on my blogs is not something I have done a lot of.

Thanks look fab also.

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