Wednesday, May 10, 2006

IDOL Walking

SHOCKED!! Dismayed??? What????
I can't believe it!

I know I usually write Dead Idol Walking but Chris is MY idol! Damnit!

I cannot believe it! Oh wait I already said that.

Chris and Katherine both looked shock! She looked shocked that it wasn't her and he looked like he was waiting to wake up from a bad dream!

Ok..enough exclaimations..I am done.

Pick up the phone Chris, it's Tony Matola.

It was a tough season. Someone had to go I don't know who it should have been but I am SHOCKED!


  1. i am shocked as well!

  2. I am SO shocked! I thought either Elliot or Kat were goners and it would be Chris and Taylor duking it out...... so now I am thinking Taylor is definetly going to win cuz he has never been to the bottom 2/3 before but in hindsight....Chris had. Still sucks though, the look on his face was crushing. I think he will do good still though,,,at least I hope!

  3. Crazy right!!!???
    I wouldn't be upset with any of the final four winning. I think they are all really great for the first time.

    You could be right, it could be Taylor! I wouldn't be surprised if he went home next week because anything is possible.

  4. He was wronged! It was the biggest dead air on TV right after Ryan said those words - I was checking the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1st!! Who knows what it will end like - they lost the best talent and true star!!


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