Wednesday, May 10, 2006

American Idol - Top 4 - Sing songs of the King

We got to see the Idols arrive at Graceland and are welcomed by Ms. Goth herself, Priscilla Presley. When did she become the bride of Frankenstein? She had a weird Michael Jackson vibe going. While at Graceland they worked with Tony (ex-Mariah Carey) Matola.

Taylor started the evening with of course Jail House Rock - Who didn't know Taylor would sing this when they told us last week the Idols were going to Graceland by private jet?

Taylor started singing in the audience with a way too tight suit. He shook his stuff for all it was worth. I loved the moves but I didn't love the singing. It was just ok for me but this guy is so entertaining and likeable that it is hard to say anything negative about him. Is he the American Idol? I don't think so but everyone needs a little bit of Taylor in their life. He just makes you smile.

Randy - "Wow. You were in your element. That was great".
Paula - "You look fantastic. That was phenomenal."
Simon - "In the real world that was a terrible impersonation. Karoake with a capital K".

Chris sang Suspicious Minds - Matola (how the hell do you spell this dude's name?) loved Chris's voice. Chris can friggin sing. I love this guys voice but was put off by his announcement that he wears boxer-briefs. I don't know maybe that is something I would have wanted to know when I was 14 but as a married women, knowing he is married I was sitting there wondering what his wife was thinking. I loved the song but hated the older Elvis glasses.

Randy - "Tender moment, nice but not your best".
Paula - "You forget how great the song is until you hear Chris Doughtry sing it".
Simon - "Sun glasses aside, that worked."

Elliott sang If I can dream. I know this song because my family listened to a lot of Elvis but this was not a popular song so I wasn't sure that he had made the right song choice for American. Elliott started out a little boring until the middle of the song. As Randy would say, "You brought it Dawg." Got to love Elliott. He is truly a great singer.

Randy - "You layed it out. You made it your own."
Paula - "Best vocal you have done so far this season."
Simon - "Best so far"

Katherine sang Hound Dog/Shook Up. Cute! Cute! Love the hair. Love the shirt. Love the hair flipping. She sounded pretty good but it was a bit screetchy at times.

Randy - "You had a good time but what happened in the middle?"
Paula - "Fun seeing you dance." (not sure what Paula thought of her singing since she didn't mention).
Simon - "It was like a desperate, manic audition. For me it wasn't great overall."

Second round
Taylor named dropped Lisa Marie's name while talking to Ryan like 10 times. Yeah, ok Taylor! You were at Graceland. Rest assured that the world knows you ran into Lisa Marie! Anyway..Taylor sang on of my favorite Elvis songs In the Ghetto. Man, I love this song! I didn't love the arrangement because I felt it was faster than I preferred. It is a moving song and I don't think the arrangement let you feel the worlds. Taylor was good overall.

Randy - "Right key, right song. Hot!!"
Paula - "Different side of you"
Simon - "World's apart from your first song. You just sang your way into the finals."

Chris sang A little less conversation. Matola it seems; is ready to sign Chris. "He is impressive."
Tired Chris? It sounds like it. He seemed bored up there to me but his voice of course was still great.

Randy - "Right key, that was hot!"
Paula - "I adore you and that song showed a little more personality"
Simon - "Was ok. Not as good as your first."

Elliott sang Trouble. No, no not tough Elliott! Watch out ya'll, Elliott will know your block off! Cute. It was like watching my 2 year old running around with with his fake Superman muscles yelling "roooooarrrr". This cat can sing it was just funny to me. Elliott talking smack about being "EVIL."

Randy - "Your best performance ever."
Paula - "I was wrong, this was your best performance ever."
Simon - "You came in as the underdog and you came out fighting. You deserve to go to the next roung."

Katherine sang Can't help falling in love. I don't know it was just ok for me. She looked amazing, has an amazing voice but it was not great. There were some pitch problems to me.

Randy - "Better than the first. Pitchy"
Paula - " I enjoyed seeing you move."
Simon - "Not one of your best nights. Too much! Came in at a disadvantage. The arrangement was too much."

If American listens to the judges Katherine will be going home.

For me, if I was voting, I would vote for Chris and Katherine would be leaving.

It was a hard season because there are so many great singers left. They are all so talented and I really don't think any of them need to worry about their future.


  1. I hate this time in the competition because they are all so good. Chris does just look a bit tired and worn out. I picked him for the Final Two, but he's starting to fade and Elliott is picking it up.

    I feel about Chris the way I feel about Bo Bice - he'll make it even if he doesn't win Idol.

    I think Katharine will be gone.

    I'm really really liking Elliott - still on the fence with Taylor. I think I'm missing whatever it is everyone else LOVES about him. Missing the Taylor gene.

  2. See Chris is beating me down with all the talk about his "fan base." I don't like it when I feel like the contestants start getting too big for their britches too early. Bo Bice didn't act like that!

  3. Anonymous7:27 PM

    It was the glasses.

    I'm telling you.


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