Wednesday, March 15, 2006

American Idol - The Top 12 LIVE

Last night's American Idol was 2 hours. I am not sure how to justify or reconcile that in my life but I did manage to watch about 85% of it. I know I will never get those hours back and I am now thinking of all the things I could accomplish in 2 hours but whatever.

The gang sang Stevie Wonder songs last me...big whoopdee friggin do! I know

ACE - So the show started with Ace singing "Do I Do." I thought this was a great song for him. He sounded great. I of course didn't allow myself to look for fear of being swayed by his adorable face.

  • Randy - "Thought it was just alright"
  • Paula - "Thought he entertained everyone"
  • Simon - "Thought it was wasn't great. It was a bit manic"
KELLI - sang Blame it on the Sun. Umm let's talk about the grown up Kelli; skin tight dress, F me pumps and hair so overstyled it looked like a friggin wig. I bet you there is someone, somewhere talking about how she looked beautiful but I thought it was dated. Oh yeah, singing contest. It was just "aight" for me. She sounded really shaky but that could have been because of the F me pumps.
  • Randy - "Non eventful. Almost like it didn't really happen"
  • Paula - "You were too safe. You look gorgeous"
  • Simon - "Everything went wrong. You put America to sleep"
ELLIOTT - sang Knocks me off my Feet. This is totally Elliott's genre. He looked confident and comfortable. To me he was just ok. He also sounded a bit shaky into the song but ended well. Maybe the band is still working out the kinks. Not sure why everyone so far has just sounded ok and not great. I didn't love the Miami Vice look then and I don't love it know.
  • Randy - "Good. Flavor Vibe"
  • Paula - She didn't say really anything about his performance. She spoke mostly about his meeting with Stevie.
  • Simon - "Wasn't incredible. It was good"
MANDISA - I am not sure what was going on with Ryan and the whole shoe thing. He took off Mandisa's shoes when she mentioned that her "dogs were barking." Umm...maybe Ryan is a lot kinkier than any of us can imagine. The dirty dog!

Oh...back to Mandisa, girlfriend can SING! She sang "Don't you worry bout a Thing." Mandisa is a good singer. I love watching her and think she will have a career even without Idol.
  • Randy - "Not as great as last week but the best so far"
  • Paula - "You can sing anything"
  • Simon - "Now we have a competition"
BUCKY never heard superstition. Crazy! Sup with the hair dude? I know that stylists have taken over but he needs to speak up and tell them he doesn't want to look like a "Breck" girl. My sister called me when he started singing to tell me that she wants that cut and color when she starts work (she's been raising kids for 7 years and is about to re-enter the workforce). I thought Bucky did really well considering his genre and never having heard the song before.
  • Randy - "Enjoyed it"
  • Paula - "Enjoyed it. Really good Bucky"
  • Simon - "One of your best so far"
MELISSA sang but I missed it. Not sure of the song or what the judges thought. I like her so I am hoping she did well. My son was begging me to lay down with him. He took my pen out of my hand and in a tired, itty bitty voice said, "bed." Now who could turn that offer down?
LISA sang "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm yours. She did great of course. She is comfortable and confident when she performs.
  • Randy - "Got bored but like the way she ended"
  • Paula - "Thought she did great"
  • Simon - "Told her she has the "It" factor"
KEVIN sang Part-Time Lover. Oh God help me! I don't get the hype. No! No! No! Is he kidding with the weird dancing and full face makeup? I thought Kevin was a bit cocky and didn't like his tone with Simon. I am not sure if he realizes that the sex symbol thing is serious. I have to know if anyone really thinks this kid is "hot" as some of the crowds signs have said.
  • Randy - "It's so funny"
  • Paula - "You have your own style"
  • Simon - "Appealing" (Thank God for Simon)
KATHERINE of course looked adorable and sang great as usual. My husband drooled over her cleavage and interestingly enough we agreed on her dress (we both hated the bottom). I thought she did great but thought that her performance seemed a bit dated.
  • Randy - "Back tonight - that was hot!"
  • Paula - "Something about your voice pierces through the heart"
  • Simon - "You're good!"
TAYLOR sang Living for the City. He was totally awesome. I would buy anything Taylor put out. I love his sound and his performance. He is very entertaining. Go Taylor! There is nothing else to say here. Taylor is Hella Hot!!
  • Randy - "Hot performance. You were fearless"
  • Paula - (she was gushing) "Fun, so much passion"
  • Simon - "You are like every dad that has ever gotten drunk at a wedding. The only difference is you can sing"
PARIS sang All I Do. She did a good job and I loved her look. Her Oprah hair looked adorable. She can sing but I find her annoying.
  • Randy - "Unbelievable. Hot! Oh my God effortless"
  • Paula - blah blah blah...she never says anything worth quoting.
  • Simon - "You are like so confident. Very good!"
CHRIS sang Higher Ground. Yeah baby! Love the running on stage with the mic stand. This guys manscape is so manicured. He must spend a hell of a lot of time looking in a mirror. He is so groomed that it is almost creepy. I loved his performance. I think Chris can pretty much sing anything. He is very original.
  • Randy - "You make it your own. Worked it out"
  • Paula - "I never worry. Fantastic"
  • Simon - "Thank God for Chris. The only real world performance. I can imagine you having a hit with that. Best tonight by a mile"
If I were voting; and I don't. I would have a tough time. I thought Taylor and Chris were awesome. Not sure who I liked better. They both rock!


  1. What is that picture???

  2. Oh that? That is Ryan making out with 1 of 3 dancers at some club recently. Nasty!

  3. Okay, now I can see. Ick


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