Wednesday, March 08, 2006

American Idol - Boy's Night

Tonight the guys sang and I have to say there were some stink bombs..

Gedeon sang "When a man loves a women" This dude annoys me! He has a good voice as long as he isn't talking. It was just ok.
Randy - "Alright. Nice way to start the show. Old soul."
Paula - "You are a unique sort (whatever that means). You know exactly what to do"
Simon - "You are a bit odd. It was a bit cabaret. Over the top. You are growing on me."

Chris sang Broken by Seether. I love this song and I love Chris's voice. He did a great job as usual but I thought he over sang at times. Still love him though!
Randy- "You ready! Rock on"
Paula- "You will be out there. I can already hear you on the radio."
Simon- "Wasn't so impressed. You have a long way to go. It was a bit indulgent. Boring."

Kevin sang Starry, Starry Night. Yuck! Lisp boy can sing but he isn't great nor is he ready for this competition. He isn't good enough to stand next to the other guys but thank God he is there because that means someone else won't have to go home. He was in the bottom 3 last time and really needed to blow people away. I think he failed to do that. Bye Kevin.
Randy- "I like you. You can sing"
Paula- "Ballads are your ticket"
Simon- "You will get the granny vote. It was juvenile"

Bucky sang some country song. I have no idea never heard it before. I really wish that Idol would post the song on the screen when the contestant is singing. I know this sounds stupid but his stance annoys me. I know the wide, open leg spread is done by so many singers but is it really necessary? He did ok. I didn't love it but I think he has done well in the past.
Randy-"Great song fcor you. "Bucky country"
Paula-"Raw. Unpretentious. Untapped talent"
Simon- "Ok. Adequate. Not good enough"

Will sang James Taylor's "How sweet it is." Who doesn't love some James Taylor once in a while? I thought Will did ok. It's weird; whenever he sings I am proud; almost like I gave birth to him. He is a cutie. He did ok. Not great.
Randy- "Not good for me. Bad kareoke"
Paula- "Best job. Raised your game"
Simon-"Falls under average category. Nothing great!"

Taylor sang Michael McDonald's "Taking it to the street" I thought he did an awesome job as usual. He actually sounded like Michael to me. Taylor doesn't need this contest but I am so glad he is in it. I thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to him. He is a true entertainer. I makes me smile just watching him.
Randy-"Good song choice"
Paula- "Favorite performance. Stepped it up. Blown away"
Simon-"You could single handedly kill the video industry. That was a radio performance. Best performance so far. You stood out."

Elliott sang "Heaven" by Bryan Adams. Elliott, Elliott, Elliott. Babe, this is for the top 12! Did you forget. I really expected a hell of a lot from Elliott and I think he did not deliver.
Randy-"Hot. I look forward to hearing you every week"
Paula- "phenomenal"
Simon-"That was a cop-out. There was a disconnect between you and the song. Not your best"

Ace sang Michael Jackson's "Butterflies" I have never heard this song in my life. Ace is hot! Love the beanie but if I look away from the TV I was not impressed with the vocals. I am not big on the falsetto thing. I thought it was boy band material (Justin Timberlake called and he wants his balls back).
Randy - "Hot"
Paula - (She is going to slide right off her chair one night- she looks at him like he is a piece of meat. It's actually disturbing) "Incredible"
Simon - "You made it work"

My bottom two for the night will be Will and Lisp Boy

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  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    I love ACE! He is so sexy and he gets me every time he sings. I hope he wins the whole thing. I could never get tired of looking in his eyes!


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