Wednesday, March 08, 2006

American Idol - Girl Night

This week we are naming the top 12 contestants of American Idol.

Paris started by singing Conga by Gloria Estefan. Love this song! But I felt that there was no energy. Not a memorable performance. She changed it up a bit which was cool but vocally it wasn't there for me.

Randy – It wasn’t his favorite but she did her thing and can sing anything
Paula – Prefers her singing up-tempo and was surprised by her choice. She mentioned what a difficult song this is to sing. I will never understand what the hell that means. She says it all the time! Does Paula ever really say anything?
Simon- Said she was enthusiastic and vocally it was ok.

Lisa sang Where I stand. She did ok. She can sing but I thought it wasn’t great. She has done better. I was bored. I expected to be blown away but she fell short.

Randy- The song choice was too old for her.
Paula-Thought she should sing something that the audience could relate to.
Simon-“You can sing and you are super talented.

Melissa sang What about love by Heart. I knew she would do a great job. I love her voice and thought she did an amazing job. I am not sure what Simon heard but I thought she did great!

Randy-“Good song for you. Perfect. You sound like Ann and Nancy”. Now that is a compliment!
Paula-“You are a powerhouse”
Simon-Thought that she shouted it and just booked her plane ticket home.

Kinnik sang "If I ain't got you". Utterly terrible I thought she brutalized the song. There were pitch problems all over the place.

Randy-Started amazing but got sharp. Didn’t nail it.
Paula-Look amazing. Off pitch.
Simon-Agreed with Randy that she started out great. “You messed it up. Appalling! You just booked your plane ticket home.”

Katherine, so my girl Katherine “McFever” sang "Think" by Aretha. This girl can sing!
She is so damn cute. I thought she took a risk and did a great job. I love her voice!

Randy-“Hot one tonight”
Paula-“You had fun. Excellent job”
Simon-“You took a risk but you pulled it off.”

Ayla sang "Unwritten". I thought she did a good job but expect better from her. Not sure what she was wearing. A diaper perhaps! This chick is so tall.

Ryan looked like a 5 year old next to her. IRandy-No wow factor but it was alright.
Paula-“Good job”
Simon-“Pretty good.” Loves her film clips and thought she should show more of that side of her. Thought it was good not fantastic.

Mandisa can sing! She sang Chaka Kahn’s Every Women! If I had not heard it I could still tell that she would do a great job with this song. This was a great song choice for Mandisa. I love her voice and her fashion sense.

Randy-“Yo! Props. That was the best vocal this season. Ridiculous!!’ Which he said like 3 more times even after he was done talking and it was Paula’s turn.
Paula-Was standing for the first time tonight. “You sang your butt off.”
Simon-“The rest of the girls are going to hate you tonight. you made everyone before you seem ordinary. You are in a different league.”

Kelli sang I’m the only one by Melissa Etheridge. No! No! No! It sounded like she was yelling. If you are going to sing Melissa you need to have some balls. Melissa sings with such emotion that you can SEE the song. Her voice has depth and she is singing from her soul. Kelli on the other hand is singing words! There was nothing there! Note: If you are going to attempt to sing Melissa, you have to friggin bring it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to hear Melissa McGhee sing this song. Her voice is more suited for the song. This was like Pinocchio trying to sing Master of Puppets! It doesn’t work!!! (Ha!! Yeah…I just noticed what I wrote. Damn I am good for anyone who gets it).

Randy-“Great song choice”
Paula-“Guys are in love with you”
Simon-You are like a naughty little minx. I like you better than the last American Idol.”

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