Thursday, March 09, 2006

American Idol - Live Elimination 3

By the end of tonight's show we will know who "Our" Top 12 are. According to Ryan, 46 Million votes were cast.

Bo Bice came on and sang "The Real Thing." My hubby says this is why he didn't see many albums. But I like the song. I think he is awesome and my hair should look so good!

The first row of girls..Lisa, Melissa, Ayla are told they are safe. Kinnik is told she has the lowest number of votes. No surprise there.

The guys are brought out..Kevin, Gedeon, Bucky and Elliott are told they are safe. Will is told that he has the lowest number of votes.

Returning from commercial the ladies are again in the spot light.

Paris is told that she does not have the lowest number of votes which makes her "our" first Top 12.

Katherine, Kelli, Mandisa, Lisa are all Top 12.
Which leaves Ayla and Melissa. Randy says that Ayla will be staying and I tend to agree only because of Simon's comment from Tuesday.

We are told that Ayla is leaving and I am truly shocked. Ayla cries and Melissa makes her way to the Top 12 seats. I truly feel bad for Ayla who is not used to failing at anything. She sings but you can tell that she is sad and hurt. I hate that they are made to sing again.

Back to the guys; Taylor, Ace, Chris, Kevin (What is wrong with America?), and Elliott are safe.
This leaves Gedeon and Bucky. Simon when asked says that America sent Bucky home. He is wrong and Gedeon after his "pray for me speech" sings.

The Top 12 take the stage. Everyone is hugging, dancing, shaking hands, etc.
I look forward to next week...and so it begins.......


  1. Anonymous7:59 PM

    I thought it was a good week. I thought the elimination choices were pretty right on except even though I thought Gideon was annoying he did have a great voice.

  2. Yeah it totally shouldn't have been his night to go. Sup with the Kevin thing???


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