Thursday, October 20, 2005

Speech My Ass!!!

As I sit here typing up the words my little man (29 month old son) says for his speech therapist I am wondering if this is not a total waste of time. She started working with him on Monday and will be here again tomorrow. This all started because some folks that I used to hang with told me that he needed to be evaluated (not in the nicest way) to see if he qualified for Child Services due to his lack of responding to THEM. Whatever! Initially I was pissed then I figured if the services were free I would have him evaluated and take it from there. He was evaluated and qualifies for Special Instruction and Speech. I personally think they have to have a certain amount of children enrolled in order to keep the program going since it is state funded but that's just me.

He says; cheese, mama, baby, car, ball, book, arm, eye, hi, bye, Elmo, Wiggles, meow, up, ok, move, come, see, cookie, apple, eat, sissy, purple Gween (green), Bwoo (blue), Yelwow (yellow), baf (bath), milk (ilk), remote (moe), yogurt (burp-burp), balloon (bwoon), pumpkin (pumpky), outside (owside) and orange (owange), he also says: I'm ok, come on, I want ____, Let's go, I went pee-pee, I'm going to Mama, and I went pfff. I don't know and I am not an expert but I don't think this is bad. They also want him to work with scissors and use a fork and spoon. I find a lot of things they say really annoying but I am willing to go along with it as long as he benefits and I see results. The speech therapist/and the Special Instructor are going to hate me because I challenge them often. Like the speech therapist wants me to call a banana a nana. J calls it a balalala. I have been calling it a banana for 2 years and feel that changing it to nana is counter productive and I can't even try to get myself to say nana because it is silly. If he was to call it nana on his own I would have no problem with that, but to teach him nana seems like a regression to me and confusing for him. How could I change the name of it after calling it a banana for 2 years. Give me a break! She also taught him to hit his chest and say "me" when he wants something. I have no problem with that but she wanted me to have him say "me eat" when he wants to eat., can't do it. What is his name Tarzan?! I told her that it was improper English (which I knew she knows) and I refuse to teach him incorrectly. It just makes more sense to do it right from the beginning. I guess time will tell.


  1. Sounds to me like YOU should be the teacher. In my own personal experience, I think your little guy is just find. I have a six year son and he STILL says things incorrectly. I was told that he is fine and that boys just develope AND learn differently. If you feel comfortable with what they are doing for the time being, good. Just don't let people pressure you into anything. They tried to do it to me but I wouldn't let them. And working with scissors, please! He's two. Let him be a baby, he'll be doing all that stuff before long and with no problem.

    People today want 2 years olds to act, behave like and know the things of a 6 year old. UGH!

  2. Oh, I agree with you on not pronouncing things incorrectly or teaching him improper english. I agree that is he says it this way, fine, but for you to do so??? That seems crazy!

  3. momyblogr - See what I am saying. Thank you! I agree and I told them as they were evaluating him that I thought it was unfair to put all kids under the same umbrella. Not all children are alike. Let them be little damn, it goes fast. Why are we trying to rush it. I agree with you; everyone expects way to much of our kids. Life goes quick and they are innocent for only a little while. I love when the evaluators mention that he wants to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it. Hello he is 2!!

    Mamalife - That is what I tried to explain to the speech therapist. If he was to say it incorrecly on his own I am fine with that but to teach him incorrectly and then have to take it back and say I know I taught you this but now that is wrong and it is this. Give me a break, how confusing. He is only 2, there are things he will be unable to say perfectly. This week she tried to teach him sign language for apple and cookie. She tried to teach me too but I told her that he knows those words and feel that he should use the words he knows and by her teaching him the sign he may get lazy and not use the word. Speech therapy should be teaching speech right, not taking it away and replacing it with a sign???!!!!


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