Monday, October 24, 2005

Cute Things Kids Say

Tonight my girlfriend called me to check up on me after a particularly crazy kid day. I was ready to check out numerous times today. It was the worst day yet with my two kiddies. The 6 month old is always high maintenance and refuses to be put down and the 2 year old has a cold and since he is feeling miserable has decided that everyone else should be miserable too.

She told me that her 2 year old baby boy had come out of her closet wearing her high heels and exclaimed, "I'm the man!" Where the hell do they get this sh*t from???

Thanks for the support and the laugh T! You are a true friend.


  1. LMAO!! Too funny! And did she tell him that he certainly IS The Man????

    See, you take care of me...T takes care of you and so on. Together we'll all make it through those stressful moments day by day :)

  2. She did! Imagine?! How funny!

    Pay it forward. I am always here for you babe! I've got your back

  3. I'm more worried that he copied his father.....gotta wonder hey..too funny


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