Saturday, August 14, 2021

My Life In Pictures - Aug 1 - Aug 14

August 1 - This is my big boy Jinxy. He is not a lap cat but will stay close by. Just don't touch him. He will accept a quick pet but will eventually get up and leave. Weirdo

August 2

My daughter and I headed to one of the farms in the area. It was nice to just hang out and see the animals. She is such a good girl to want to hang out with her old mom. I think we have fun together or at least that is how it feels to me. She loved seeing all the animals and spotting a few cats lounging in the sun. She is so beautiful in her hat!

August 3

Today was letter L and I chose Lemon. My class got to smell, touch and taste it. It was a great day. They love doing things like this.

August 4

My class found a bee on the play house. We took a ton of photos of his little bee butt.

August 5

This ugly thing came in with my daughter. She had no problem getting it out but I have a real problem with cicadas. They are nasty looking. 

August 6

My kids and I headed to the pool today. It was hot out and I am happy we get to do this. It costs hella money but worth it.

August 7

My daughter and I headed out to check out some couches. We went to 4 different furniture stores and found nothing. We have a certain space so the dimensions are very specific and with cats we have to think about that too. PLUS OMG the prices. Shopping with a mask was annoying but welcome to life. 

August 8

My girl loves garlic bread and loves using fresh basil. Apparently, she loves taking photos of said meal too!

August 9 NADA

August 10

I made my class a sensory bin and homemade playdoh. It was so much fun for me and for them.

August 11 NADA

August 12

My daughter helped me make these adorable birthday handprints in honor of my birthday tomorrow. They came out so cute!

August 13 

My daughter made this beautiful card for me. I love it! She created all of it even binding it together with needle and thread. The sweetest. 

August 14

Lunch with my friend Susan. We had Mimosas. They were delicious! The perfect date. Lunch and Book Shopping.

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