Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Stomach Issues Are Never Good For My Psyche


In 2010 my intestine ruptured. No issues prior then weeks in the hospital and over the next two years, two more surgeries. I was VERY SICK. To read more go here where I talk about my medical drama but that is not what this is about. 

Last night I was SO SICK. Crippling stomach cramps that made me pray for death. They came on sudden and they were fierce. My headspace gets really messed up with anything to do with my stomach. Spent an hour laying in the bed moaning then an hour in the bathroom dying. Bowl and garbage can needed. This morning I woke feeling okay but concerned. WHY? I mean WHY?!!!! 

I am an intermittent faster which means I do not eat very much or many meals. I do an 8/16 fast which means I eat all my meals in an 8 hour window. Yesterday, for lunch and dinner I ate rice and the meat that was left over from our Empanada filling the previous night. It hadn't hurt me the day before so why would it have hurt me yesterday? The only thing I added to the night time meal was three bites of broccoli mashed up really fine. I love green vegetables but anything that is going to cause gas I need to eat in moderation. My intestine cannot deal with gas. 

Whenever I have stomach problems I worry that I will end up with big issues that I will not recover from and leave my kids. 

Thankfully we had a snow day today so I was able to recover and feeling fine. God help me!

Oh well...guess it is time for another colonoscopy!

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