Wednesday, February 24, 2021

My Life In Pictures - October 1 - October 10

October 1 - Halloween Decorations begin!

October 2 - F is for Fish! I love our Preschool art!

October 3 - Finally a photo of my boy! He never hangs with us. His life is gaming. Once in a while my husband plays catch with him. I headed outside to grab some shots of him catching the ball for his GRAM! Insta! Whatever.

October 4 - Trying to make some table decorations using Dollar Tree finds and Michaels skeleton

October 5 -
Halloween art with preschoolers. Look how cute that little candy corn foot is!

October 6 -
Some of our art! Preschoolers love art!

October 7 - My girl's dabbling in clay and wire bodies. Love this so much.

October 8 - My work attire and my grey roots prior to coloring.

October 9 - Flu shot time. My son and I did great. My daughter started silently crying before it was even her turn.

October 10 - Oh how we love dog sitting!

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