Thursday, February 06, 2020

My Life In Pictures - Jan 1 - Jan 7, 2020

January 1 - For some reason my Goddess would not get in the photo. So just me and my boys!

January 2 - Sage is the only one of my 3 cats who gives me no grief. She doesn't miss the litter box, steal other cat's food or scratch the walls or furniture. She still nurses on my shirt but does not like to be picked up. She is a sweet girl if only she would let me love her. Anyone else have a cat that hates being held?

January 3 - After this photo I thought...I need to do my makeup and get some hoops and a Fedora. Love this look. Me but not me.

January 4 -  My girl and I have started playing crossword puzzle games. We love this one because we can play it together. She takes a turn then I get a notification on my phone that it is my turn. Sometimes she kicks my ass! She is very smart! I highly recommend playing games with your kids!

January 5 - Every night Goddess and I have hot toddys. We are a little addicted! Here is our recipe

January 6 - Our Little People Manager

January 7 - It's me! Once in a while you do need to take a photo. God willing in 20 years I will want to see me at 53.

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