Monday, December 02, 2019

My Life In Pics Nov 13 - Nov 20

November 13 - I went to my kids school for parent teacher night. My daughter's art teachers as well as her other teachers all said the same thing. "OMG she is so talented but so very shy." Both my kids are doing amazing in high school this year. They are way better students than I ever was. My daughter saw me taking a photo of this water color she did in school on the art room wall and was so embarrassed but I LOVE it and cannot wait for it to come home.

November 14 - My daughter took this photo as we were driving home. She loved the colors. We never tire of this view.

November 15 - Mommy and Me babysitting was a success. Goddess brought her computer and our little guy loved watching her play a game online.

November 16 - Posted this on my Instagram. I love saving money.
Thanks @thefreebieguy I wasn’t going to go today but saw your post. $51.21 total using digitals only

November 17 - I got my son's high school photos in. I cannot believe what a difference a year makes!

November 18 - From middle school graduation into high school. At least she is smiling. I love this new pic!

November 19 - LOL...ok well this was a photo from Shoprite that I took to send to my husband. We have been talking about a bigger, lighter one for the bedroom. Boring I  know. LIFE!

November 20 - I was so excited to get these deals on makeup at CVS.  Saved over $190 bucks. SWEET! I love clearance.

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