Saturday, November 16, 2019

IQ Air Visual Pro & The Atem Desk Air Purifier Is Perfect For My Family

The IQ Air Visual Pro is an air quality monitor that enables you to see the temperature inside and outside as well as invisible threats in the air. I like knowing when the CO2 in my house goes up. It happens when we are cooking mostly. The monitor also gives me the humidity and health recommendations such as telling me to open a window which is displayed on the home screen.

I am in love with the IQ Air Visual Pro. Is it a small monitor that gives you all the information you need especially if you or someone in your family suffers when the air quality is poor. In the past four weeks I have looked at the monitor multiple times a day as well as the app that works with it for when you are away from the house.  My favorite features are the 3 days out weather and the fact I know when my kids are cooking at home if I check the app. I have shot them texts a few times on the days I am working and they are home asking if they remembered to shut the stove off. They always have but I love the peace of mind.

My husband is not a fan of the Air Visual Pro as he feels that most people won't understand CO2 or care and that a smaller unit would be better. When I asked him to give me a positive he said that people who love monitors and will love it. He is however a fan of the IQ Atem Desk Air Purifier.

We have used the Atem for three weeks. It was so easy to put together and looks great. Like the Visual Pro IQ streamlined their design and this start of the art purifier is compact and nice looking.

I love that it only takes a few taps of my fingers to toggle through the different speeds and to turn it off. The moment I started it up the air just smelled amazing. I have only one nostril that works so breathing in a nice dose of air feels amazing. Whenever I had surgery my least favorite part was when they removed the oxygen from my nose. Sitting in front of the Atem made me feel like I was breathing in some "good air".

You can easily aim the output of air by sliding it up or down. I have used it at my desk as well as on my night table. My son took it for a few days when he was having trouble sleeping due to a stuffy nose. It helped him sleep and breath better.

I will need to look into when the filter needs changing if ever and how much that will cost.

The Atem comes with the PureJet Diffuser, a plug with 3 regional outlets depending on your region and a stand.

I highly recommend this. BTW there is also an app that I have not used yet. It makes me feel lazy to download apps when I can just walk over or reach over to work the unit.

My favorite feature is the finger tap to turn it off and on AND the little sound it makes when it shuts off.

Look for both products on my Holiday Gift Guide.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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