Monday, November 11, 2019




I so can’t stand drama. Being a non confrontational person I have been put into a position that I am not at all comfortable with.
On this post I explained what is going on with my taxes.
Basically my accountant F’d up my taxes costing me a ridiculous about of money that we have struggled to pay.
I told him on Wednesday, what the problem with the taxes were. He was rude over email basically telling me in three words that I was not looking at the return right. When I emailed him again explaining the problem he didn’t respond so I wrote again that I would be calling him in the morning.
I did and he had to admit that he screwed up. He tried to put the onus on me as we expected but that was not something I was about to allow. Basically he was informed that we hired an accountant and that if we were accountants we would have done the return ourselves. He asked for a list of everything we have paid to the IRS so far and I gave it to him the next day which was Thursday.
To be honest I had expected to hear from him on Friday informing me that he would be dropping the return off to us that afternoon. That is what I would have done if I screwed up as badly as this character. Nope, not this guy. Nothing on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. So Tuesday, I emailed him asking that he let me know when the return would be ready. Nothing! Wednesday morning nothing! So, this afternoon I called him by cell phone. He doesn’t know the number so he picked up quickly. I heard a lot of noise behind him as he said his name.
I told him it was me and that I was wondering if the return was done. I mean really it is a one line item and the word amended. What is the problem????
He told me that he was having his ribbon cutting today and would have it ready tomorrow afternoon. “Oh your ribbon cutting?” Crazy since we are clients you would think that we would be invited to this new office ribbon cutting thing. Whatever, I digress.
“There is cake and wine here if you want to come down.” Oh. Ok. Um. No and No.
“Alright, tomorrow afternoon, you will call me and let me know when it is done? Yes he tells me.
Ok, go back to your ribbon cutting.” He says, “thanks” and we hang up.
That was the conversation.
This is how I wish it had gone.
Him – Errr…yes. hello.
Me- Hi, asshole it’s me. The person you screwed out of 16,000.00.
Him – Oh, yes Maria. I was going to get….
Me – No! You are going to get here right now with my God damn amended tax return you get me shithead.
Him – Yes, yes…I will be getting that to you right now. Starting my car and pulling out of my spot as we speak.
Me – Ok, that is more like it. Shit for brains. Drive fast and bring stamps because after I sign it I want you to run it to the post office and make sure you send this out priority. You hear me. I said, DO YOU HEAR ME???
Him – Yes madam. Pulling in front of your steps right now.
Me – Keep the car running and have a pen ready. Bye shmuck!

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