Monday, April 29, 2019

My Life In Pictures February 23 - February 28 OMG Why Am I So Far Behind?

February 23 - Took my family to Medieval Times. My in-laws live so close but have never been. So happy they experienced it with us.

February 24 - Took my Goddess out for the day. We headed to Walmart looking for any Spring deals. The decorations were cute but we ended up buying nothing that day.

February 25 - Got to love co-workers who bring in homemade Sofrito. It was delicious. Don't know what Sofritio is? Check out this recipe from Kitchen Gidget

February 26 - Food Glorious Food. I made sauteed veggies and steamed shrimp over quinoa. It was amazing.

February 27 - I want to change my hair color so bad but I am so scared. Maybe one day but until now I will just use Snapchat.

February 28 - I love taking photos of Luna and since I need to always throw a cat picture into the mix, this one was as good as any.

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