Thursday, April 25, 2019

Mothering Until She Tells Me To Stop

Two weeks ago a friend heard I had to make my daughter’s lunch for school and said “You still make her lunch?” My quick reply was “yup” but the longer answer was absolutely, I will continue making her lunch until she tells me to stop.”

Being a motherless daughter I want to mother my kids for as long as possible. My mother didn’t make my lunch but I longed for it. A bag with my name on it and a folded up napkin with a sandwich made with love, maybe a thermos with something to drink and a “treat”. I received hot lunch at school and traded it every day with anyone who would trade their bologna and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. Knowing their mom had made it with love in her heart just for them made me feel so warm inside. While I am not sure if my daughter feels warm inside when she eats my prepared lunches I hope she knows that I love and adore her every day when she opens that lunch box and sees something I put in there just for her. All the yummy things she likes. A yogurt, a fruit, an icepack, spoon and napkin in the bottom portion and in the top a treat or two or three. Nothing big just things I know she loves.

When she was younger I added a note, joke or sticker. Now that she is older I have stopped but I am thinking of starting again. Maybe not everyday but the surprise note once in a while.

While she is 14 years old and many kids are putting together their own lunch and moms are celebrating that they no longer have to worry about lunch for their school kids I will always make her lunch while she lives home with me. My days of being able to Mommy her daily are numbered. She is getting older and I am going to need friends to surround me when she moves out but for now Mothering is what I do best. 

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