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Doodling and Activity Books That Are Smart & Fun From Laurence King Publishers + A #GIVEAWAY

My Monster Bubble Writer Book is an activity book containing 144 pages that will inspire and encourage creativity with both words and drawing. This book will teach you to create cool, fun lettering from monster-inspired scripts to patchwork letters. There are loads of fun things to make, like posters and cards. Kids can use bubble writing to write letters and play games, create their own comics and do lots of other cool stuff. Along the way, members of the Bubble Writer Gang appear to show their own special monster alphabets and offer tips and hints throughout the book, including how to invent monster characters. It is monstrously good fun! 

The 411:
I love anything that can teach my artsy daughter to push her capabilities and maybe inspire her to take her art to another level. My Monster Bubble Writer definitely inspired me to try my and at a different way to write at school. We have a dry erase board in the classroom that greets the parents who drop off their kids and has a little notice about what we plan on doing. For the past two days I have changed the way I write on the board. I used big, colorful blocky letters with hair and eyes and not only are the parents taking notice but so are my 2 year old students. I think this may help them start to learn some more letters. I cannot wait to make some monster alphabet index cards for them over the weekend. 

About the Author
Linda Scott is a successful London-based illustrator and printed textile designer. She has produced work for some of the world’s leading retailers, independent labels and designer boutiques. Her creative work has also featured in museum exhibitions, art shows and international publications. Her books How to be the Best Bubble Writer in the World Ever! and My Monster Bubble Writer Book are published by Laurence King.

A fantastic new nature activity book from Nina Chakrabarti, exploring the exciting natural world around us.

This is your very own nature scrapbook, packed with fascinating facts and brilliant activities. Doodle, draw, and color in leaves, butterflies, frogs, and much more. How many different types of snowflakes are there, and how are leaves formed? Find out how to make your own leaf prints, twig sculptures, and bird restaurants.

With her beautiful, distinctive illustrations, Nina Chakrabarti urges you to explore the weird and wonderful things you can find all around you - whether you're out in a park, in your back garden or sitting in your front room at home!

The 411:

I love the look of this book. It does feel like a scrapbook. There are 224 pages of nature inspired activities.

The books has you looking at nature in a whole new way. Everything I used to think about as a young child is here. Leaves, animals, pinecones, pebbles, shells, trees and more. I love nature and used to take time to really enjoy the world around me. In fact, even in my 30s I remember someone saying "I just see snow but you see the flowers trying to survive in it" to me. This was before kids and I try to find that passion once in a while but have to make a conscious effort to stop and see.  Hopefully this book will remind you to stop and look and really see the world around you.

This week I did leaf printing with my preschool class because of this book. I hope to sit down and do some of the activities in this book over the weekend especially these pages.

 This book is great for nature lovers, doodles, thinkers or anyone who loves to draw. 

About the Author

Nina Chakrabarti studied illustration at Central Saint Martin's College and The Royal College of Art, London. She uses line drawing to explore her love of the decorative arts, inspired by her past in Calcutta, India, where she grew up, and the exuberance of London, where she now lives and works. She is the author of the bestselling My Wonderful World of Fashion and My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion (both Laurence King).

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered or received. 

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