Friday, November 11, 2016

ECHO MAX Rumbler - Twists, Spins and Jumps - VIDEO REVIEW

Look for Echo Max Rumbler in My 2016 Holiday Gift Guide 

This is the coolest car whether you are outside or inside. It can perform 12 different stunts with flips and right itself if ever it gets stuck in a spot or flips on its side. It is the coolest RC Car out there. 

My kids and my husband love Remote Control cars but no matter where you are racing them, the can sometimes flip over and you are left walking over to it, placing the car back on it's wheels and starting again only to have to walk back the next time it hits a curb, car wheel, or another car. NOT WITH THIS ONE! The design allows you to flip it from the remote no matter where it gets stuck and that was right out of the box. My son and husband are great about radio control anything but my daughter never seems to get it right. She plays with this more than anyone in the house and I think it is because it is easily managed and is really fun with all the wicked flips and high speeds indoors or outside. 
The recommend age is 8+ and it is oddly affordable for such a quality toy!

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  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Pretty cool. I love that it flips and spins. Great gift for the Holidays.


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