Wednesday, March 04, 2015

What To Do With Those Extra Ripe Bananas That No One Wants To Eat #healthyrecipe

Do you ever end up with one or two extra bananas that no one eats? You don't want to throw them out or make yet another loaf of banana bread. So what do you do? We make banana pancakes that are to die for! My daughter has asked for them four days in a row so now we find ourselves buying even more bananas. Go figure.

The original recipe called for a banana and an egg

You simply mash the banana and whisk in some egg.

At this point I add a cap full of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Next you add them to a pan with a little cooking spray. We do silver dollar size but you can do whatever you want.

Next we took a tea spoon of Hershey's Chocolate spread and microwaved it for 25 seconds.

Taking a fork I just flicked it across the pancakes and handed the plate off. It is returned to me 3 minutes later.

The pancakes are great without the vanilla, cinnamon or chocolate but why not?

Great way to get your kids to eat some protein & potassium packed breakfast. I am adding ground flex and chia seeds to my next batch!

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