Monday, March 23, 2015

Our Weekend Was Amazing #PenguinsMovie #PenguinsChillOut #PenguinsInsiders

We had a great time this weekend. It started on Thursday when we received a fun filled box from Fox Home Insiders containing everything we would need for our Friday Family Movie Night of Dreamworks Penguins of Madagascar. Saturday we headed out to Chili's for my husband's birthday dinner (his birthday was yesterday but Sunday is very busy for him). And Sunday the kids and I got to review a fun candy box. In the weekend lottery, it was a stellar weekend. And anytime I can spend time with my family I am a happy woman.

Our unboxing was quick but we had a great time! When the kids are around it seems like it is rushed. They want to plow through where I want to see everything.

For the movie night we set our living room up with the kids chairs, ate dinner together (this never happens), and decided who would hold which little stuffy.

The movie night box came with a make your own ice cream ball and a scooper. We all took turns mixing, turning, shaking, and rolling the ball to get our ice cream just right.

I think the fact that they had to work so hard to get the ice cream made it taste even better.

The 411:

The Penguins of Madagascar was so fun. From the opening scene to the end the kids and I laughed and talked. It was a great family film full of slapstick humor and adorably cute animals. We even loved Dave. 

My daughter really liked it comparing it to the other movies and the characters which I had forgotten about. 

Kids will undoubtedly love this movie!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary and some swag as part of the Fox Home Insiders. No monetary compensation was as offered.

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