Sunday, March 29, 2015

Letter Written in 2010 Entitled "Letter's I'll Never Send"

Dear School Personnel,

This letter is to the aides who are greeting our children in the morning. We, as parents are dropping off our most prize possession into your care every morning. YOU, are the next face they see after the people who love them most say "good-bye" for the day.  So, why may I ask do you have such nasty, negative, bitchy, annoyed attitudes in the morning?  The day has yet to begin and already your face shows us that you do not want to be there. Do you think that makes us comfortable to hand off our children to that? I can only imagine that you are extremely unhappy in your job. If this is the case, do you think that this is the place for you? School is hard enough for the youth of today. They leave the safety of their home, the loving arms of their parents to enter a competive, overly structured, cold, environment. Is it any wonder that there are so many unhappy, combative, full of attitude children in school?

In the morning when you are "interrupted" by the loving, caring parents who are there to drop of their children and make sure they are on time, is there a reason for your cold, hard, nasty faces to not have a pleasant word. Can you not utter a "good morning" before you rudely say "No, it is not time." Or some other "excuse?" This morning it was "No, we cannot open the door, the school is not open yet we are having bus drills."  Do you think that the parents who drop off everyday on the other side of the school know about your bus drills?  Do you think that they do not have children to bring to another school (who will now be late yet again), or a JOB to get to?  Why is the door to the school not opened on time?  The children are going to the gym! They are not roaming around the school! Why DO you continually make children wait outside in rain and freezing weather? Does it make you feel good? I am not suggesting that the school doors be open ahead of time. I am not suggesting that you go above and beyond. I am simply stating that YOU do not have the right to be rude! You MUST do your job with a smile and on time! The world does not revolve around you!

The next time I drop my child off, I EXPECT a smile on your face even if it is a fake one. You nasty old bitch!

Ahhhhh that felt so good!!!!

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