Sunday, July 06, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday - Good Times! Good Times!

Shadow Shot Sunday 2

My Handsome playing some basketball with my niece's boyfriend got me out of my comfy chair. It isn't often my little guy acts like a sporty boy. He is more of a gamer and I was thrilled to watch him show some moves.

Little did I know that I was actually capturing a great Shadow Shot moment!

I love my nieces hand's up in the air because my son got a shot. Thanks to her shadow I know exactly what this shot was representing.

How could I leave my Goddess out of my Shadow Shot Sunday post? I just couldn't Not much of a shadow but it's there on the bottom of the merry go round.


  1. A wonderful capture of shadows in action. Good on your son getting outside to enjoy the air. And your daughter has a radiant smile.

    1. Thanks Gemma! We loved participating this week


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