Monday, July 07, 2014

Protect Your Kids Skin Now So They Are Protected Later #sunblock

My days of sun oils and suntan lotions are long over.  I am a huge fan of sunblock and apply it daily but more so in the Summer. Back in the day I used all the baby oil, sun tan oil and even at one time mayo because I was told you get a great tan with it. Mostly it just got me more bug bites as it was really smelly and the bugs loved it. 

I worked for a dermatologist over 23 years ago but my lessons on protecting my sun will last for the rest of my life. The sun is wonderful, it really is and we all need exposure however, we need to protect our skin as best we can from the damage that the sun causes. My kids are very used to being blocked and ask for it because they now know they cannot go out until they have blocked. As a child I had my fair share of sun poisoning and my skin shows it. I use my own sun damage marks as a way to get them out of the sun so I can reapply when we are out for hours.

There are many sunblocks we have used over the years but we always come back to Coppertone for kids and Coppertone WaterBabies which is by far our favorite. 

These are the only sunblocks that don't hurt my kids. Spending our days outdoors especially at the beach means we get our fair share of chapped lips and scratches from the rocks at the lake and if I don't use Coppertone my kids definitely complain. Just last week I was trying to finish up another brand of spray because it was quick and easy and we were in a hurry to get to the lake and in on a really hot day. My daughter had a cracked top lip from a boogie board in the face while playing a few days earlier. Her lip was cut and although healing it still stung her enough to cry as I was applying this other brand.  The next day I used Coppertone instead and it didn't cause her any tears or even a complaint. I used it on my freshly shaved legs it didn't burn as the one before had. 

We love Coppertone and want to remind everyone to please always use sunblock on your kids and yourself. It is important and will save them much pain later when they need to get sun damage spots removed or worse. 

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