Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oh Common Core You Are Killing Me!!!!

OK let's start by saying I am not smart. I was a below average student but man this Common Core stuff is killing me.

My daughter is learning in 3rd grade what I learned in 6th.

She started September learning multiplication and division simultaneously. When in second grade she was learning 5 + 18. There was no slow increase with long addition or subtraction. It was all thrown at her at once. She is like me a below average student and was completely lost.

Here we are in May and they have covered multiplication, division, decimals, measurements, finding the area, place value, number lines, fractions, operations and algebraic thinking and and now they are on geometry. AND because it was Common Core there were new terms for us to research like arrays and number bonds,  In 8 months! Nothing is fully learned. The continues flow of worksheets are ridiculous and I have to research everything. Needless to say we are exhausted and frustrated.

Math is the hardest subject for me. I truly never understood it. Helping my kids has definitely helped me. I wish I knew then what I know now.

Last week I was subbing in a self contained 6th grade class. I loved this chart the teacher had on the board. Makes it look so easy that I just have to share.


  1. That is a lot for a third grader. I don't have experience with common core since my youngest graduated high school last year...but from what I've been reading, a lot of people don't seem too happy about it.

  2. Oh yay--I see what I get to look forward to in August....and you are smart! Maybe you were not book smart but you seem to have "parent smarts" and "creative smarts!"


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