Saturday, November 03, 2012

Shari's Berries Rocks!

I have used Shari's Berries once before but it wasn't to myself it was for my grandparents anniversary about 5 years ago. Grandma called to say thanks and tell me how much they loved it but I knew that even if it was bad they would have said the same thing. It is wonderful as a blogger to be able to try out Shari's and can happily report that I will without hesitation use them again!

In this video you will see how they package the product for perfect berries and more each time you order.

Did you see how excited Goddess was? The hardest part was deciding which product to order for trial.

We loved all of it and wanted to sample everything. We decided on the berries because well, it is Shari's Berries after all and Goddess loved the Halloween themed Cake Pops because she is the princess of Halloween.

The chocolate covered strawberries were absolutely delicious. They are packaged so that each one is separate. We thought they were juice and the chocolate surrounding them was delicious!!!!! We loved that the chocolate shell was hard and than you bit into a succulent, sweet strawberry.

The cake pops were divine! Goddess thought they taste like a truffle. All I can tell you is that the one I was able to nibble was delish. She had a sign on them on a plate in the fridge that read, "Do Not Touch!"

If you are thinking of sending food for the holiday season or anytime, I say check out Shari's!! Oh and check out all these coupons were you can save BIG at Shari's

Thanks to Shari's Berries for the opportunity to check out your awesomeness!

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