Monday, November 19, 2012

Playing Photographer At A Sweet 16

This weekend I was asked to do a photography gig for a friend's daughter's 16th Birthday. It is funny how things have a way of just happening at the right time.

Money is tight. I had a conversation with my friend Teresa about how I had placed an ad for my local friends to see if anyone wanted to do Holiday photos for $25.00 and she gets a call a few minutes later from our other friend Barbara who needs a photographer at the 11th hour!

A quick call and before you know it, my new "agent" Teresa has set me up with a sweet gig taking photos of someone I know since before she was even born.

It is funny how old and insignificant you can feel when you look at young people and remember vividly life before they were even born. Weren't these kids just born yesterday??

Here is the birthday girl with her court.

Her decorations were all Broadway inspired
And...she sang an a capella version of Over the Rainbow after her daddy dance!
Megan and her boyfriend Chris before the party

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  1. wow what a dress! nice pictures, wish we lived closer I would SO take you up on that $25 photo session offer!!!


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