Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Coolest Way To Play Football

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Teach and the kids have been spending quite a bit of time together over the past few months. My temp job that takes me out on the weekends, my community website, community services, social media work, Maria's Space, my surgery have all contributed to a lot of time spent out of the house. I must admit the man has really stepped up and been a great father, making sure that the kids get what they need when I am not home. What they mostly need is him. Anyone can be a father but it takes a real man to be a dad! I am happy to report the kids have had a great time spending being with their dad. They spend quality time outside playing soccer and football and sometimes inside. I know, like the Brady Bunch's mom Carol used to say, "don't play bowl in the house!" Well, that was a long time ago. Thanks to Nerf ball playing is now accepted in the house. While I don't love it, I am not nervous and they do keep things on the down low if you get my drift.

The Nerf Sports Firevision Football is HOT! You wear these cool glasses that are simply cool in their own right but when you use them with the football, the football takes on the color of the glasses. The glasses come in red and green with the same color lights and when you toss the football, your color reflects off the ball using some sort of Microprism Technology. Whatever it is, the glowing streaks are hot!

The Teach is usually unimpressed while I am usually very impressed by a lot of the products that cross my doorway. The Nerf Sports Firevision Football according to Teach is very COOL!  Now, that really says something.

 Just the Facts

NERF FireVision Football
  • Foam football sized for kids ages 6 and up
  • When wearing the FireVision Frames in dim or low lighting, light can be seen from over 100 feet
  • Glows red or green depending on the color FireVision Frames you're wearing (so you can form teams!)
  • $19.99 SRP, includes 2 pairs of FireVision Frames
NERF FireVision Hyperbounce Ball
  • $9.99 SRP, includes 1 pair of FireVision Frames
NERF FireVision Nerfoop
  • $14.99 SRP, includes 1 pair of FireVision Frames
Additional NERF FireVision Frames
  • $5.99 SRP each
  • Available in red or green

Great Gift Idea for Birthdays or if you are early Christmas Shopping!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Nerf FireVision Football for the purpose of this review as part of a Buzz Campaign as a Bzz Agent. No monetary compensation was received.

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