Thursday, September 06, 2012

Always Wanted To Take Ballet? Check Out This Amazing Workout!

Get a tight, toned and elegant body with this effective ballet inspired total body workout from Mary Helen Bowers, trainer to the stars! Sculpt sleek and strong legs, arms, butt, abs and upper body. Shape a lean and graceful dancer s body with targeted mat work and standing exercises that lengthen and tone. Workouts include focused exercises that target trouble areas while increasing flexibility and improving posture.

Bridge Series: A challenging series of bridge exercises that sculpt and tone the muscles
on the inside and back of the legs, butt, inner thighs, hips and abs.

Abs: A targeted abdominal workout that strengthens your center of balance and sculpts a
lean waist.

Inner Thigh: Focused exercises that strengthen and tone the inner thighs, key to sculpting
a ballerina's long, powerful legs.

Outer Thigh: A transformative workout for the outside of the hip and thigh. These exercises
tighten and tone the outer hip, lengthening the line of the legs.

Arms: Upper body and arm exercises that quickly sculpt and tone the arms, shoulders
and back and improve posture without any weights or equipment!

Standing: Dance inspired standing exercises with cardio elements.


The 411 by Maria:

WOW! WOW! WOW! I love this DVD. Mary Helen Bowers was the trainer for Natalie Portman in Black Swan and while I will never look like either of them while doing these exercises I am excited to try them.

I love the breakdown of the exercises and how fluid and easy the exercises look.  The music and set impressed me also. Very pretty, relaxed and subdued.

Since my surgery was only 3 weeks ago I will not be trying the exercises until I get a medical OK and as easy as Mary Helen makes the exercises look, I bet you really feel it after you are done.  Watching the arm exercises I was tempted to try but I know that each exercises requires a strong core and that is not something I have at the moment plus my tummy band reminds me that I need to wait however, I am extremely excited to try these and can't wait to dive in.

While watching I did wonder where it was filmed because every once in a while there was a clanking that was distracting. Perhaps she is on a dock and there were anchors being pulled in. Oh well, made it even more interesting.

Very excited to start this program. Let me know if you are doing it to and how you like it.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary DVD for the purpose of this review.

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  1. I think I'll stick to swimming for my exercises.


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