Great Game for Family Night - Tell Tale Fairy Tales

Blue Orange Games Reinvents Story Time with Tell Tale Fairy Tales

San Francisco, CA – April 23, 2012— If picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the possibilities with 120 inspiring images! Cards featuring iconic characters like wizards and princesses, settings like a castle and forest, and fantastic creatures such as unicorns and dragons, will guide players through their own unique tale.
There are four different ways to play Tell Tale Fairy Tales, but never a wrong way. For example, in “Round n’ Round” players cooperate to develop a communal tale, and in “Showtime,” players can invent their story individually. Players are sure to come up with their own favorite approach.
Blue Orange suggests that parents and guardians play Tell Tale after tucking their little ones in bed. To tell a new personalized bedtime story every night, parents can create a tale to match their children’s mood or current interest by using 10 cards of their child’s choice.
Tell Tale Fairy Tales builds language skills and teaches narrative structure. In the classroom, the game is great for spicing up creative writing exercises.
No matter how you play it, the wonderful illustrations and library of images will whisk players away to another time and place in just a few words. The distinctive design allows fairy tales to start once upon a time and end happily ever after anywhere.
Recommended ages: 5+
1 to 8 players

The 411 by Maria & Goddess (7)

We received Tell Tale Fairy Tales 2 weeks ago and have not missed playing it yet. Goddess loves this game so much and spends most of the time laughing so hard that she ends up having to sprint to the bathroom.  She has a great sense of humor my daughter.

I digress, back to the game. With Tale Fairy Tales, you can make up the way you want to play or choose from the games described on the instructions like “ Round ‘N Round” where players cooperate to develop a communal tale and in “Storyboard” where you invent your story individually. Goddess and I prefer the collaboration. We divvy the cards up into two sets and make up the story as we go along. We take turns going first. Depending on the card, building the story around it. It may be a picture of a prince climbing a wall,  so we will start with; One day a handsome prince saw a tall tower in the middle of nowhere, after careful observation over a few days and seeing no one, he decided to climb up.  The next card may be a dragon with a heart above her head so the next person puts it down and may say something like, at the top of the tower he found a dragon who feel immediately in love with him and it goes from there. You never know how the story will come out because the cards and the player holding it will always be different. Our stories have been funny, sad, lovable, action packed, and sinister depending on the way the cards came up and how we were feeling at the time.

It is so much fun and I can't wait for our next play date to see how it will be with other players involved since it has only been the two of us so far.

This is not the Tell Tale Fairy Tales game but the original which is just Tell Tales but you get the idea. 

Skills developed in this game:

Tell Tale Fairy Tales is excellent for literary development and language skills. It also fosters creativity and is a terrific way to bond between parent and child.

About Blue Orange Games:
With 12 years experience creating stimulating and easy-to-learn games,
exquisitely designed for maximum fun, Blue Orange Games looks to the future
with consistent ideals. Using durable materials, Blue Orange pledges to
produce high quality games that are enjoyable for the whole family. The
eco-friendly company remains committed to planting two trees for every one
tree used in game construction. Blue Orange has won multiple awards, such as
Parenting Magazine's "Mom Tested Toys of the Year," Parents Magazine's "Toys
of the Year," Family Fun Magazine's "Toys of the Year," Oppenheim Toy
Portfolio's "Platinum Seal," and Dr. Toy's "10 Best Games," among others.
Blue Orange Games was founded in 2000 and is based in San Francisco. For
more information about the company, go to

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